This plugin has been closed as of 2022-يىلى 25-دېكابىر and is not available for download. This closure is permanent. سەۋەب: يازغۇچى ئىلتىماسى


2021-يىلى 12-يانۋار
Bait and switch plugin. This plugin exists only as an advertisment to the larger miniOrange feature set. Even features listed in the plugin description for the ›Free‹ version are false and only provided with the paid plugin! This experience has done nothing but ensure that I avoid future dealings with miniOrange.
2020-يىلى 3-ماي
Because this below average waste of hard drive space is nothing but a glorified BAIT AND SWITCH. They want you to backup your site then when you need to restore it they hope you are FORCED to pay for their terrible «service». Good thing I used a FREE plugin as well just in case. AT LEAST PUT A DISCLAIMER OR SOMETHING – BUT THEN YOU WOULD MAKE 0$ HUH….. PATHETIC STAY FAR FAR AWAY
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