Check Search Engine Visibility on Migration


This plugin is designed for people who has a developmental site that is different from the live site.

This plugin will warn you should you have blocked search engines in your blog. If you then move the database from your developmental site to your live installation, or change your blog’s domain URL, then the warning will reappear, and not move until you have either unblocked search engines or made the plugin aware you have changed domains.

It’s designed to help stop you accidentally blocking your live WordPress installation from search engines.

About Winwar Media

This plugin is made by Winwar Media, a WordPress Development and Training Agency in Manchester, UK.

Why don’t you?


  1. Upload the plugin (unzipped) into /wp-content/plugins/.
  2. Activate the plugin under the «Plugins» menu.
  3. If your site is invisible to search engines, a big error box appears on the top of the screen. It will instruct you on what to do after that.


بۇ قىستۇرمىغا تېخى باھا يېزىلمىدى.

تۆھپىكار ۋە ئىجادكار

«Check Search Engine Visibility on Migration» كودى ئوچۇق يۇمشاق دېتال. تۆۋەندىكى كىشىلەر بۇ قىستۇرمىغا تۆھپە قوشقان.


«Check Search Engine Visibility on Migration» نى تىلىڭىزغا تەرجىمە قىلىڭ

ئىجادىيەتكە قىزىقامسىز؟

كودقا كۆز يۈگۈرتۈپ، SVN خەزىنە تەكشۈرۈپ ياكى RSSئارقىلىق ئىجادىيەت خاتىرىسىگە مۇشتەرى بولغىلى بولىدۇ.

ئۆزگىرىش خاتىرىسى


  • Made compatible with WordPress 6.6


  • Made compatible with WordPress 6.5


  • Made compatible with WordPress 6.4


  • Made compatible with WordPress 6.3

0.2.4 (29/05/19)

  • Checked with latest version of WordPress.

0.2.3 (24/04/14)

  • Use capability instead of depreciated role for menu (big thanks to Bill Erickson)

0.2.2 (04/12/13)

  • Switched from base64 encode/decode to strrev to handle the encoding of the string so the plugin doesn’t set off any false positives.

0.2.1 (03/12/13)

  • Fixed Error in Readme File.

0.2 (03/12/13)

  • Uploaded to Plugin Repository

0.1 (28/11/13)

  • Plugin Launched