This plugin hasn’t been tested with the latest 3 major releases of WordPress. It may no longer be maintained or supported and may have compatibility issues when used with more recent versions of WordPress.

LowerMedia Sticky.js Menus


Sticky Headers, Menus, Widgets, Anything! WordPress plugin that integrates sticky.js and makes your primary navigation menu and/or header sticky (will ›stick‹ to top of screen when rolled over). You can actually make html object sticky via plugin settings!

Activate and make your primary menu sticky!
Sticky means having your navigation always visible, the nav fixes itself to the top of the page.

This plugin uses the Sticky.js script, props and credit for creating that go to
Anthony Garand, Thanks Anthony!

Dev’d by Pete

More info:

This plugin is designed to work out of the box with a large number of popular themes if not all
the menu container and then manipulating the HTML tag w/ said class by way of JS

Plugins tested to work with this theme work a tad bit differently. Instead of
adding a class it uses custom js files that have the main navigational selectors
already defined. JS manipulates the menus by using the already defined tags.

This plugin has been tested on a growing number of themes including: (will work with all themes with slight settings configuration)
swift basic

*Some CSS edits may be required


This section describes how to install the plugin and get it working.


  1. Upload in the WordPress dashboard upload plugin section or unzip the file and upload the directory to the /wp-content/plugins/ directory
  2. Activate the plugin through the ›Plugins‹ menu in WordPress
  3. Make sure you have a menu defined under appearance -> menus

Popular Themes Default Target List:

attitude = #access
bushwick = #site-navigation
destro = #menu
expound = #site-navigation
Isabelle = .nav
neuro = #navigation_menu
one-page = .header_wrapper
required-foundation = #access
responsive = main-nav
spacious = #header-text-nav-container
sixteen = #site-navigation
spun = .site-navigation
Swtor_NeozOne_Wp = art-nav
twentythirteen = #navbar
twentytwelve = #site-navigation
twentyeleven = nav#access
twentyten = #access
virtue = #topbar
wp-foundation = .top-nav


Can I make Widgets sticky?

Yes, you can make anything sticky! Set the widget’s (or whatever else’s) ID or Class in the primary or additional sticky object box setting on the under Settings -> Sticky.js Menus

I am using one of the themes this plugin was tested to work on but it’s not working.

Please make sure your child theme has the same header navigation HTML syntax as the parent theme, this plugin is made to work with the latest iteration of the parent theme.

My menu does not stick to the top of the page, there is some space between the menu and top of the page.

Some theme styles or template styles may have overwritten the default styles, the site owner may have to tweak their own css to for ideal display.


2016-يىلى 3-سېنتەبىر
It works well, but it has added extra space after the header. Take a look- Space has been added between menubar & search bar.
2017-يىلى 8-فېۋرال
First time I saw a menu sticking, I knew I wanted to have it in my website. It took me some time to find one that would work but then finally I found Lowermedia Sticky js menus It does exactly what it proposes…and works perfectly on my bilingual site. Here are examples of the same pages in two different languages: (Brazilian Portuguese) (English) Simple and great plugin.
12 باھالاشنىڭ ھەممىنى ئوقۇش

تۆھپىكار ۋە ئىجادكار

«LowerMedia Sticky.js Menus» كودى ئوچۇق يۇمشاق دېتال. تۆۋەندىكى كىشىلەر بۇ قىستۇرمىغا تۆھپە قوشقان.


«LowerMedia Sticky.js Menus» نى تىلىڭىزغا تەرجىمە قىلىڭ

ئىجادىيەتكە قىزىقامسىز؟

كودقا كۆز يۈگۈرتۈپ، SVN خەزىنە تەكشۈرۈپ ياكى RSSئارقىلىق ئىجادىيەت خاتىرىسىگە مۇشتەرى بولغىلى بولىدۇ.

ئۆزگىرىش خاتىرىسى


*Plugin Launched


*Moving all js into two files instead of having individual files for specific themes
*Optimize and shorten code
*Increase number of themes tested with and supporting out of the box


*Fix jumpiness issue
*Add to list of supported browsers
*Bushwik theme support
*TwentyTwelve as base theme
*Name Correction
*Attitude theme support
*Destro Theme support
*Sixteen theme support
*Expound theme support
*LowerMedia One Page theme support
*Neuro theme support


*Add ability to target default menu
*Fix ›jumping around of menu in rare cases‹
*Syntax correction


*Add improvements for Isabella and Spacious theme


*SECURITY UPDATE: Block direct access to PHP file
*FEATURE: Admin options area
*FEATURE: Now works without setting primary menu
*FEATURE: Option to set target div or nav (by class or id) to designate sticky.js target
*FEATURE: Option to disable stickyness at certain body width (hide on mobile)
*FEATURE: Option to target additional HTML tag (div, nav, header, etc) by class or id


*Namespacing with Classes
*PHP/JS code optimization
*Move all JS to one file, and out of js directory
*Reduce requests by 1
*Minify JS