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Glamazon FSE

Glamazon FSE

  • نەشرى 1.0
  • ئاخىرقى يېڭىلانغان ۋاقتى 2024-يىل 4-6
  • ئاكتىپ ئورنىتىش سانى 40+
  • PHP نەشرى 5.6

The Glamazon FSE is a free makeup salon WordPress theme for beauty spa, salon, massage, cosmetic shop, yoga, meditation, health care and wellness center. This theme is ideal for makeup artist, model, influencer, beauty and makeup artistry business, makeup shop and any other makeup-related businesses. It provides you with a lot of amazing options so that you can craft the best makeup-selling website. Besides makeup, you may make use of this theme to sell cosmetics, skin products, well-being products for women, and a lot more. This WordPress theme consists of the latest features and functions, and when you select it, you enjoy some of the best advantages of it. This theme comes with a simple and user-friendly UI, best for the newbies out there. This theme is customizable, and therefore, you can make changes to it with ease. As this is a full-site editing-based theme, almost every component available on this theme is customizable. This Free Makeup Salon WordPress theme is compatible with several widgets, making it one of the best widget-friendly themes. This is a cross-browser compatible theme and can easily run on most of the renowned browsers such as Mozilla Firefox, Chrome, Yahoo, and more. Also, it is an HD-ready theme and looks amazing on both high-end and low-end devices. Demo: https://gracethemesdemo.com/glamazon/


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ئاكتىپ ئورنىتىش سانى: 40+



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