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The Synergy FSE is a free orthopaedic WordPress theme specially designed for chiropractor, clinic, doctor, health, injury, massage, medical, medical center, physiotherapy, rehabilitation, therapist. This theme is also suitable for physical therapists, yoga experts, gymnastics, fitness experts, chiropractors, and others related to health and well-being. It comes with a user-friendly and simple UI, perfect for the newbies out there. The user interface of Synergy FSE is simple. The homepage of this theme is extremely professional. It is sleek and dynamic and can easily impress your audience. As it is a full-site editing-based theme, you can personalize almost every element of this theme. This Free orthopedic WordPress theme is compatible with widgets, making it the best widget-friendly theme. This SEO-optimized WordPress theme helps you to rank at a commendable position in the SERPs. It is compatible with different devices. Whether it is a smartphone, tablet, laptop, or computer, it works smoothly on all devices. This multi-browser compatible WordPress theme allows the users to use it on any browser they want. Demo: https://gracethemesdemo.com/synergy/


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