Easy Google Maps

Google Maps with markers, locations and clusterization, KML layers and filters. Custom Google map markers…

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Interactive Geo Maps

Create interactive vector maps of the world, continents, any country in the world and specific…

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Leaflet Map

Interactive maps and markers on your posts and pages with simple shortcodes.

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Simple Map

Easy way to embed google map(s).

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Ultimate Maps by Supsystic

Ultimate Maps by Supsystic is the best Google Maps alternative. It includes OpenStreetMap (OSM), Bing…

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WP Realtime Sitemap

A sitemap plugin to make it easier for your site to show all your pages,…

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Flexible Map

Embed Google Maps shortcodes in pages and posts, either by center coordinates or street address,…

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Responsive Image Maps

Makes image maps responsive by packaging the RWD Image Maps jQuery plugin for use in…

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Geo Mashup

Include Google and OpenStreetMap maps in posts and pages, and map posts, pages, and other…

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Open User Map

Create a custom map featuring your own locations or an interactive map where anyone can…

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