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گىرافىك ۋە تۇغ

WordPress ئورگان تۇغى

When you need the official WordPress logo for a web site or publication, please use one of the following. Please only use logos in accordance with the WordPress trademark policy.


WordPress Logotypes

بارلىق نەشرى

Adobe Illustrator CS5+ Sketch 3

WordPress Logotype

تاللاشچان، بويىغا توغرىلاش

PDF (ۋېكتورلۇق)

PNG (كۈلرەڭ/سۈزۈك)

PNG (ئاق/سۈزۈك)

Fight the fake logo (fauxgo)

Friends don’t let friends use the wrong WordPress logo. If you see one of these in the wild, please suggest a change.